Evolution Of A Sunset

According to Wikipedia, “Barnegat Bay is a small brackish arm of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 30 miles long, along the coast of Ocean County, New Jersey”. That doesn’t sound very inviting, but a talented photographer can make of it something like this.

(Note: the images look a bit sharper on Denise Bush’s blog, so please click on the link below, where you can also see some other views of the Garden State — which I don’t find uninviting at all! It was the “small brackish arm” that got me.)

Denise Bush's Photo Blog

As the sun lowered itself past the horizon a peaceful calm came over the bay. I could hear the sea birds and waterfowl calling to one another while settling in for the night. The sun painted the sky with a beautiful pastel gradient of color that deepened with every second. I used my 6-stop neutral density filter to lengthen my exposures and capture the passing of time. At the end of the light show the sky glowed with a brilliant warm red that made the scene seem surreal before passing into the night.

Sunset On The Bay I β€˜Sunset On The Bay I’ Β© Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay II β€˜Sunset On The Bay II’ Β© Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay III β€˜Sunset On The Bay III’ Β© Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay IV β€˜Sunset On The Bay IV’ Β© Denise Bush

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