Evolution Of A Sunset

According to Wikipedia, “Barnegat Bay is a small brackish arm of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 30 miles long, along the coast of Ocean County, New Jersey”. That doesn’t sound very inviting, but a talented photographer can make of it something like this.

(Note: the images look a bit sharper on Denise Bush’s blog, so please click on the link below, where you can also see some other views of the Garden State — which I don’t find uninviting at all! It was the “small brackish arm” that got me.)

Denise Bush's Photo Blog

As the sun lowered itself past the horizon a peaceful calm came over the bay. I could hear the sea birds and waterfowl calling to one another while settling in for the night. The sun painted the sky with a beautiful pastel gradient of color that deepened with every second. I used my 6-stop neutral density filter to lengthen my exposures and capture the passing of time. At the end of the light show the sky glowed with a brilliant warm red that made the scene seem surreal before passing into the night.

Sunset On The Bay I β€˜Sunset On The Bay I’ Β© Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay II β€˜Sunset On The Bay II’ Β© Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay III β€˜Sunset On The Bay III’ Β© Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay IV β€˜Sunset On The Bay IV’ Β© Denise Bush

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3 thoughts on “Evolution Of A Sunset

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging my post. I do think the images look sharper on my blog, so if you are reading this please click the link that Larry has provided at the top of this post. By the way … the Barnegat Bay is considered to be in Southern New Jersey which is way nicer than Northern New Jersey (where we get our bad rep)! We actually have a lot of forest and farmland in the south.

    • You’re very welcome. It’s funny, however, but having lived in northern New Jersey for almost 30 years, it didn’t occur me that referring to the state would be “uninviting”. It was the “the small brackish arm” that sounded uninviting to me! Northern New Jersey has lots of beautiful farmland and forests too, but as a long-time resident once told me, “we like to keep that a secret so more people don’t move here”. (PS — There are even beautiful scenes in the industrial part of Northern New Jersey, but we keep those very, very secret.)

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