On Carrying a Camera Everywhere

There have probably been a billion words written on how most of us are now carrying a little camera with us everywhere and how that’s changing our lives for better or worse. 

But think of all the events that could have been photographed if everyone had a cellphone in decades past. We’d have more pictures of UFOs (but not flying saucers). We’d have more photographs of the Kennedy assassination and more views of Marilyn Monroe on that subway grate. From certain decades, we’d have many more pictures of people looking at themselves in their bathroom mirrors.

There was a story in the news today about an actress being handcuffed in Southern California after she apparently refused to identify herself to police officers. She wasn’t doing anything illegal at the time and wasn’t arrested. There are photographs of her in tears standing next to a cop, but not of what happened earlier. We’ll probably have to wait a while before it’s common to film every moment of every event that seems like it might be worth filming.

Anyway, I was walking into the grocery story this evening and stopped to take a picture with my phone. Future historians can study it if they want:


Sneak Peek

Denise Bush's Photo Blog

Here is a sneak peak at a series of images I am working on. They were shot at Pennhurst State School and Hospital located less than an hour west of Philadelphia. I had been wanting to photograph at Pennhurst for some time and finally got my chance. The campus consists of several buildings and we were allowed to photograph in 2 that were three-stories each. After learning of the sad history and chilling abuse that took place there, the experience was like none other … evocative and haunting.  As I looked and photographed, I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like for the many unfortunate souls that were put there, and forgotten. And I continue to think about them. Pennhurst made an unforgettable impression. (Look for more images from this shoot in an upcoming post.)

I am in the process of organizing a private group photo tour to Pennhurst…

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Evolution Of A Sunset

According to Wikipedia, “Barnegat Bay is a small brackish arm of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 30 miles long, along the coast of Ocean County, New Jersey”. That doesn’t sound very inviting, but a talented photographer can make of it something like this.

(Note: the images look a bit sharper on Denise Bush’s blog, so please click on the link below, where you can also see some other views of the Garden State — which I don’t find uninviting at all! It was the “small brackish arm” that got me.)

Denise Bush's Photo Blog

As the sun lowered itself past the horizon a peaceful calm came over the bay. I could hear the sea birds and waterfowl calling to one another while settling in for the night. The sun painted the sky with a beautiful pastel gradient of color that deepened with every second. I used my 6-stop neutral density filter to lengthen my exposures and capture the passing of time. At the end of the light show the sky glowed with a brilliant warm red that made the scene seem surreal before passing into the night.

Sunset On The Bay I ‘Sunset On The Bay I’ © Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay II ‘Sunset On The Bay II’ © Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay III ‘Sunset On The Bay III’ © Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay IV ‘Sunset On The Bay IV’ © Denise Bush

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Nature Speaks (or Something)

I’ve been restoring some images to the blog tonight and came across this one. It was taken last month during a storm in England. It’s probably a metaphor for something to do with nature or human insignificance, but mainly it’s a helluva lot of water.


The lighthouse is in Newhaven, which is on the southern coast near Bristol. They have nice weather too.