This Election Requires a Comedian to Cover It

Samantha Bee, previously of The Daily Show and now of her own show, Full Frontal, has a problem with the way journalists and “journalists” have been covering our presidential election. She’s funny and, more importantly, willing to say what rational people have been thinking for months now.

If you’re concerned about what might happen to America and the world starting on January 20, 2017, you should watch these YouTube videos and share them as widely as possible, especially where registered voters will see them.

Part 1 (less than four minutes):

Part 2 (five minutes):


There Is A Cure For Science Denial

Once Florida is underwater and we all have polio, it will be better.

That’s what Samantha Bee concludes in the Daily Show video here. Left-wing stupidity isn’t one of my usual topics, but it appears to be the relevant phenomenon in this case. The title of the video is “An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy”.