Poor Grammar Leads to Justified Ridicule

One of the worst members of Congress expressed himself on Twitter last night with these words:

The United States has tested more than anyone in the world by far. Txxxx is the greatest testing President God has ever created.

You could read the second sentence as suggesting that President God — whoever that might be — created Txxxx as the greatest testing ever. This president has certainly tested us in many ways. But a Republican member of Congress would never acknowledge that reality.

Instead, thousands of Twitter-based smart alecks seized on the words “President God” as a great opportunity to express themselves. As well they should have.

Now, we sticklers will point out that the congressman should have put in a hyphen and used lower case, making it “the greatest-testing president” or maybe “the greatest testing-president”. He could have avoided some of the justified ridicule, but not completely.

Of the few replies I looked at, this was my favorite:


A perhaps more apt reply was this:

Every time President God brags about how well he has done combating COVID-19, remember these FACTS:

The United States has just 1/23 of the world’s population.

The United States has had 1/4 of all COVID-19 deaths.

Actually, it’s 1/5 of all deaths (based on the available statistics), but the point remains.