Cinematic Entertainment of a High Order

Following a path of YouTube recommendations sometimes works out very well. I clicked on a disappointing little thing from The Criterion Collection this morning, but was then led to a series of videos called “Three Reasons”. Each one offers three reasons to watch a movie Criterion will sell you. I watched a bunch, although not all 81 of them (lunch beckoned and I do have some self-respect).

It’s my duty to share a few “Three Reasons” I especially liked.

Badlands (1973), directed by Terrence Malick, maker of distinctively beautiful, sometimes puzzling works of art.

Fellini Satryicon (1969), from the wonderful Federico Fellini, who unfortunately didn’t get better with age.

The Killing (1956), by my favorite director, Stanley Kubrick, who left us too soon.

Anatomy of a Murder (1959), the best movie Otto Preminger ever directed.

Ok, one more.

Something Wild (1986), directed by Jonathan Demme, whose varied credits include The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Stop Making Sense and three episodes of Saturday Night Live.

In addition to their DVD collection, Criterion has a streaming channel. It’s got hundreds of American and foreign films, but none of these five. They have their reasons ($$$) for not offering their entire DVD collection online, but it’s still worth checking out as an addition or alternative to Netflix, whether your taste runs to L’avventura, West Side Story or Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Now a public service message:

The American president is a disaster. He’s almost certainly doing something horrendous right now. That’s why we should vote him and every other Republican out of office in November. If you’re willing and able to support Democratic candidates in addition to voting for them, please do.