Sometimes Things Just Work Out

I took our old car in for service at a local garage yesterday. It needed a couple of things done. The guy at the garage told me the work would cost about $450. He added that he was really backed up, so the car wouldn’t be ready until the end of the day. He seemed a little stressed out.

As I was walking home, it occurred to me that I really didn’t need the car right away. I figured it would be a nice gesture if I called the mechanic and told him he could finish the work the next day if he wanted.

It also occurred to me that it might be a good thing to do this guy a favor.Β I always feel like I’m at the mercy of car mechanics. Maybe this one would reciprocate by giving me a break when he wrote up the bill.Β 

So when I picked up the car today, it was very nice to see that the mechanic had charged me $250, not $450.

The world doesn’t seem so screwed up when you can do well by doing good (even if Β you aren’t being completely selfless at the time).