They’re Not Even Trying To Be Consistent. Or Honest. Or Historically Accurate.

Texas can regulate abortion but New Jersey can’t regulate guns.

And lying to Congress is a crime:


By the way (from historian J. M. Opal):

The 2nd Amendment, ratified in 1791, reads: โ€œA well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.โ€ Responsible readings of this sentence note that it locates gun rights within the framework of militia service, not as an individual entitlement. By contrast, the 5th Amendment, ratified the same year, says that โ€œNo personโ€ shall be denied due process.

Militias aside, there is also the โ€œkeep and bearโ€ part of the 2nd Amendment to consider. In the foundersโ€™ era, to โ€œkeepโ€ meant to own and possess something inside oneโ€™s home, while โ€œbear armsโ€ referred specifically to shouldering a musket or rifle in an army or militia.

Nowhere does the amendment declare or suggest a right to โ€œgo armed,โ€ the term used in that era for carrying a weapon such as a pistol or dagger, either openly or in secret.