Beauty From Above

Two British brothers make and sell their photographs at Abstract Aerial Art

(If you get these posts via email, you might [need] to visit the site — or better, their site — for a good look.)

They explain:

We are two brothers and best mates from the UK, JP and Mike Andrews . . . we specialise in photographing bizarre, aerial images of planet Earth. Captured using our unique style of drone photography, we aim to show you the world from a perspective not many have the opportunity to witness.

. . . every aerial photograph we take is of a real place on our planet. We like to compose our images as artworks rather than traditional photographs. Other than slight colour and contrast enhancements none of our images are manipulated in any way. 

Posters start at £35 ($48). Full-scale prints go for £225 ($305). I’m tempted to buy a poster or two — or maybe a print when my ship comes in.