We Shouldn’t Be Freaking Out

“Are we all as anxious as hell?” (She included a visual aid.)


“No, I’m anxious but also optimistic and glad Tuesday (and Wednesday) are so close. I think it’s the beginning of the end for the big, bad toddler.”
“Sigh. I am afraid to have hope.”
I’m convinced the pendulum has to swing. That there has to be a reaction to the last four years.
One reason is that Hillary came so close. 100,000 votes in three states would have given her the Electoral College. And more people are comfortable with good old Joe. And fewer are ready to give the maniac the benefit of the doubt.
We are all still in shock from 2016 and fear something similar will happen again. But I don’t think we’re in for a similar surprise at all. We’re motivated to stop it from happening again. 
So many people are volunteering to get out the vote. Many more people are motivated to vote than last time.
In 2000, one ridiculously close state ended up in the Supreme Court. There is no reason to think this election will be that close in enough states to let the Supreme Court intervene.
It’s human nature to fear that a traumatic event will happen again. Nobody wants to get it wrong, to be taken by surprise again, but traumatic events are infrequent. Palm Beach isn’t using butterfly ballots. The news isn’t emails, emails, emails. James Comey isn’t in charge of the FBI. 
Four years ago, he asked us what we had to lose. Now we know.
This time we’re going to win.”