It Was Reckless Endangerment or Worse

At the Rose Garden event last Saturday when they introduced the Republican nominee to the Supreme Court:

Guests mingled, hugged and kissed on the cheek, most without wearing masks. An indoor reception followed the outdoor ceremony.

Seven days later, at least eight people who attended the ceremony have tested positive for the coronavirus, including the president. Several more of the president’s closest aides and advisers have also tested positive.

Then, our president got to work, spreading the joy:


Of course, we’re only heard about some of the famous people who got the virus in the Rose Garden, at the White House, on Air Force One, at the rally or the fundraisers, not the common folk who rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, or provided security, or served the drinks.

We knew he was a heartless prick who only cares about himself, but I mean, wow.

Postscript:Β  The White House doctor (i.e. public relations representative) has now “clarified” the timeline, explaining that when he said “72 hours” he meant “day three”, not “three days ago” (?). So it was actually Thursday night, after all the traveling about, when the president knew he had the virus, not Wednesday morning. Of course, everyone who speaks for the president can be trusted to deliver the unvarnished truth, so there’s nothing to see here. Obviously.