A Short Note on Being a Con Man

From The Washington Post:

On the campaign trail in 2016, Txxxx had offered one simple way to underline his separation from his properties: He just wouldn’t visit.

“I may never see these places again,” Txxxx said during a rally in August 2016. “Because I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf. Believe me.”

The Post continues:

Txxxx has now visited his own properties 270 times as president — with another visit planned for Thursday, when he is scheduled to meet GOP donors at his Washington hotel.

Through these trips, Txxxx has brought the Txxxx Organization a stream of private revenue from federal agencies and GOP campaign groups. 

From a golf news site:

Since taking office on Jan. 20, 2017, Mr. Txxxx has reportedly been on the grounds of his golf courses or played golf elsewhere 288 times since becoming President, and that’s as of Aug. 22, 2020.

The cost of Txxxx’s golf rounds to the American taxpayer varies by round and course, but it has totaled so far in the tens of millions of dollars. The Secret Service has spent at least $550,000 in third-party golf cart rentals and over $500,000 to stay overnight at Txxxx-owned properties, including his New Jersey country club.

When he says “believe me”, which he often does, he should at least say “please”.