We’ve Been Hoping for a Tipping Point

Yet a tipping point, the last straw, will probably never arrive. A number of citizens of this formerly great country will spray disinfectant on their corn flakes before pouring the milk, but President Lysol will stumble and bumble on for nine more months. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to see the word “resign” appear in a reputable publication, not the feverish musings of a humble blogger.

From Jack Holmes of Esquire:

Of course there are people who will defend him no matter what, but it’s hard not to think that the watching Elite Political Media’s refusal to say what is right in front of them has also aided and abetted the madness. Could he have made it this far without people who are so scared of being accused of Bias or not being Objective that they can’t bring themselves to call a loon a loon? The latest example comes via The New York Times…They did not feel they could just say this is dangerous, not to mention fucking crazy. … if a guy walked into the lobby of the New York Times building yelling at people to drink bleach, he would be removed from the premises in short order. But when the president does it, we’ve got to check in with the experts to know what an 11-year-old knows….

In fairness, [the] Times story was delivered with some trademark low-key Times humor. But we need to get a little more direct here. Something really has to give. At what point are you misleading your readers by not pointing out that what just happened was fucking crazy, and they’re not crazy to think so? There is a need among some, particularly in Washington, to believe the president is not completely batty. The prospect that he has no idea what he’s doing, and in fact may not be all there, is psychologically difficult for some to grapple with. It’s also scary for some folks to think about just saying what’s in front of them and feeling the backlash from his supporters. So evening-news programs and newspapers spend a lot of time cleaning up what the president says, pruning the overgrown hedges into something vaguely coherent in their reports.

…. When are we going to demand more than a circus from the people in whom we now have so much of our futures invested, willingly or not? We should be calling for this guy to resign on a daily basis. He should be impeached again for gross incompetence. Mike Pence looks like fucking FDR by comparison. Most of the president’s supporters will never hold him to any standard that he might not meet. In fact, they will continually lower the bar to accommodate him, because they have already invested too much of themselves in this to go back. The sunk cost is too high. It’s up to everyone else to plainly say that he should not have this job any longer. We hired him, on a temporary basis, to manage the Executive Branch of our government. He should be fired.


Note: A spokesman for the governor of Maryland says that after receiving more than 100 calls, the state issued a reminder that “under no circumstances should any disinfectant product be administered into the body through the injection, ingestion or any other route”. 

And just think, the 100 people who made those calls are some of the smarter ones.