A Smart, Informed Journalist Interviews Hillary Clinton

Ezra Klein, the editor-in-chief of Vox, interviewed Hillary Clinton for 51 minutes this week. I thought she avoided answering one question. It was something like, how would you rate American voters in general? Aside from that, I was tremendously impressed. It is a tragedy that she lost.

A few topics discussed:

16:00 ย How the media handled the presidential campaign

17:45 ย Healthcare, including the important distinction between universal care, which should be our goal, and single-payer, which is only one way, and probably not the best way, to get universal care

26:30 ย American politics today

36:00 ย The 2016 election

42:00 ย How women voted

44:50 ย  The effect of the Comey letter plus the Electoral College, voter suppression and dangers ahead.