Corporate Life As Depicted On My Old Bulletin Board

There were four cartoons on the bulletin board in my office for many years, back when I was paid to help the wheels of finance capitalism turn. Maybe there was a theme that united them. Of course, not everyone liked them as much as I did.

The first one was by Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor of The New Yorker, who recently announced he’s leaving that job. It’s the most famous one he drew.


The other three were by Gary Larson, who drew The Far Side for 15 brilliant years.




So is there a theme here? We have a businessman subverting standard practice; a gorilla who sees himself as more complex than his peers; someone in a horrible situation who thinks it’s worth stating the obvious but is afraid he might make things even worse; and two spiders with very high hopes doomed to failure.

It was a “successful” career, but no wonder I still have bad dreams about the place.