It Wasn’t the Place, But This Isn’t Normal

An online forum devoted to a well-known musician isn’t usually the place to discuss politics. But this is not a normal time, even on the Brian Wilson forum. So when a nice person from Canada referred to the “brouhaha” surrounding our election. I was moved to respond (and thereby generate this post for WOCS).

November 14th

Brouhaha? As in “a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something”? I can’t agree about the “overexcited” aspect.

In fact, I think Kramer had a good reaction to our election in this little clip:

November 14th again

I prefer “titanic struggle between good and evil” or “battle of world historical proportions”. Seriously. I would vote for any qualified Republican without hesitation in order to avoid this disaster. 

PS — I guess you can call me names if you want, but I remember your comment about “two days of pointing fingers, etc” in the veterans remembrance thread you started. “Brouhaha” suggests the same attitude. I can understand that people who don’t live in the US and won’t be immediately affected may think we’re making too much of him winning last week and of course this is Brian’s site. But people’s lives do come into play here every so often. This is deadly serious business for millions of people. Because this person is not just another politician to mock or disparage. He is a true danger to us and to the world. And part of the problem is that people, including the media, have normalized him all along and are continuing to do so, and the only way to stop that from happening is to point it out when it happens, however impolite or pedantic that seems.

November 15th

Sorry that I misinterpreted what your wrote and reacted so strongly. You can probably tell I’m among the population that’s pretty much freaking out. It’s easily the worst thing that’s happened to America since 9/11, and probably worse than that, given the possible consequences. It truly is a nightmare. Hell, we lived through Nixon, Reagan and two Bush’s. This is way worse. Either the Electoral College has to stop him or he has to be impeached as soon as possible.

So I’m calling my Republican Congressman to remind him (as if he needed reminding) that we shouldn’t have a white supremacist, anti-semitic, misogynist, racist, conspiracy theorist named S. Bannon, who claims he’s a “Leninist” who wants to bring the whole system down, as the President’s “chief strategist”.

And that the new President should not give top security clearance to three of his children and his son-in-law so they can continue making money for the President’s company with the added benefit of information from the CIA and NSA, in by far the biggest conflict of interest and invitation to corruption we’ve ever seen.

November 16th

I was on my way to the World Trade Center that morning. I stood on the street and watched the buildings burn. I walked through the stinking air in the days afterward. It’s a hard truth that the sudden tragic murder of 3,000 innocent people may pale in comparison to what a vengeful, narcissistic thug can unleash on the world.

Link to “Trump Could Face a Nuclear Decision Soon” 

In fact, assuming we avoid the use of nuclear weapons when he is provoked one night and wants to demonstrate his “toughness”, a President who endorses the so-called “conservative” agenda will cause more than 3,000 innocent people to die by doing things like taking away their health insurance and gutting environmental regulations.

Links to  “Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others” and

“Infant mortality rates in the US seem to go up during a Republican presidency and down during a Democratic presidency” 

Even poor management of the economy will worsen the lives of millions of middle-class and working-class white people who will be even more disappointed and disheartened when the man who said he is the only who can fix their problems (e.g. by rebuilding the coal industry) fails to do so. That will lead to more dysfunction and more deaths.

Link to “Rising deaths among white middle-aged Americans could exceed Aids toll in US”

And one more thing

A former Republican official who rejected T—p because he’s dangerously unqualified writes:

 “I told conservatives to work for Trump. One talk with his team changed my mind”