Understanding T—p’s “Mind”

Brian Leiter is a professor of philosophy and law at the University of Chicago. He has a blog that’s mainly for philosophers but often gets into politics. I think his take on T—p’s “mind” is worth reading. 

Leiter first suggests that T—p should be understood as a narcissist, not a sociopath (although I bet there’s an applicable diagnosis of narcissism with sociopathic tendencies). But the best part of Leiter’s post is when he describes T—p’s “Mafia mentality” that’s “familiar to any New Yorker who has paid attention”.  

By the way, Hillary Clinton is now leading T—p by roughly 600,000 votes or 1% of the votes cast. As someone remarked today: “Only in America does the political party that just got the most votes wonder what they have to do to win elections”.

And one more thing: Given that T—p is known for plastering his name everywhere, I wonder how he’d feel if we all used “T—p” instead? In every news article, in every TV graphic, on every computer screen, in every email. It would be a childish thing to do, of course. Or maybe not. Perhaps it would simply be disrespectful. That would be fitting. I began doing it yesterday and it’s definitely more pleasant than the alternative. Plus, assuming we make it that far, it could end up erasing his name from the history books. That’s a nice thought in itself.

Professor Leiter’s interesting post is here.

PS — And we could say “TP” in conversation. Using those two letters would be wonderfully evocative of what T—P and his supporters have done to America and the rest of the world.