Sgt. Joe Friday Lays It on the Line

A brief reference to the 1955 movie Pete Kelly’s Blues, which starred Jack Webb and Janet Leigh, and for which Peggy Lee received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, inexorably led me to the following clip. It’s from an episode of Dragnet, the long-running TV show that featured Mr. Webb’s immortal performance as Sgt. Joe Friday of the Los Angeles Police Department.

In this scene, Sgt. Friday gives it straight to a smirking con man who’s been caught impersonating a member of the LAPD (it’s hard to imagine a more heinous crime in Sgt. Friday’s eyes):

As YouTube videos often do, this led to an idle thought:

Where’s Jack Webb now when we need him to give it straight to a certain smirking con man who’s hard to avoid these days?

It wasn’t long before an online pal responded under the heading: 

Where Jack Webb Is Department


Proving once again, he pointed out: There’s never a cop around when you need one!

PS: Does anyone doubt that Mr. Bookman, the library cop on Seinfeld, enjoyed the occasional episode of Dragnet when he wasn’t out rousting book criminals?