Who Is She Anyway? And What’s She Really Like?

With that devastating speech Hillary Clinton gave this week, lots of news about the scam formerly known as “Trump University”, and the end of the primary season only a few days away , it feels like a bubble has burst. Clinton will be the next President. Trump will spontaneously combust on live TV. Sanders will go back to being the junior Senator from Vermont (and if he keeps doing the Republicans’ job for them, be relegated to the Senate Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, Marketing and Agriculture Security – that’s a real thing and someone has to go to their hearings).

Meanwhile, I found two more comments I left somewhere. They were both in response to articles about Hillary Clinton. The first had to do with her “likeability”. It was written by David Brooks, a nincompoop who suggested she tell us more about her hobbies: 

The Guardian published one of those “why women aren’t crazy about Hillary” articles this week. The women interviewed didn’t offer much justification. So I looked at the comments section. The level of vitriol directed at her was amazing. The comments were much more negative than the reasons people gave.

It’s reasonable to conclude that opposition to Hillary Clinton is more visceral than rational. The reasons don’t justify the dislike; the dislike generates a search for reasons. Mr. Brooks can’t explain the phenomenon because he’s only looking at her, not the people who dislike her so much.

The second may have been in response to that very article in The Guardian: 

[Some on the left think she’s much too conservative] and yet the Republicans think she’s a closet socialist who will take away their guns and destroy the economy. It’s so tiresome hearing Clinton depicted as a corporate whore, a pawn of Wall Street, when she’s actually a liberal Democrat who will govern to the left of her husband and probably to the left of Obama.

After all, she’s in favor of more Wall Street regulation, higher taxes on the wealthy, better childcare, abortion rights, fewer people in prison, immigration reform and less student debt. I wish she was less inclined to support military action and more even-handed regarding the Palestinians, but there is no reason at all to think she won’t pursue a liberal agenda when she’s President, even if it’s not as liberal as some of us would hope.

All these insults and talk about not “trusting” Clinton is simply a cheap and easy way to attack her without being specific about anything, while wrongly implying that she’s a Republican in sheep’s clothing (the Republicans certainly don’t think so).

Remember, it was “Slick Willie”. Nobody has ever accused Hillary Clinton of being slick.

“Nobody Ever Accused Her of Being Slick” could have been the title of an article in New York Magazine by Rebecca Traister, a self-styled former “Hillary hater”. The actual title is “Hillary vs. Herself”. If you want to understand who Hillary Clinton is, and what kind of President she’ll try to be, please read it.

Now, if she’ll only be as nice to the reporters who follow her around as she is to other people….