It’s Not Because She’s a Woman

I sure hope more voters see former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the normal, competent, trustworthy one by the time we get to November. She seems that way to me already. I mean, compared to you know who, there’s no contest at all. 

But here’s an example of what she’s up against (from The Guardian):

“I think Trump is nuts, but I’d love to have him as a president to see what happens,” says Edward Tucker, a 68-year-old retired carpenter from Steubenville [Ohio], who says he has no regrets about twice voting for Barack Obama in previous elections.

“I wouldn’t want to end up in some kind of war or anything,” he adds hastily. “But something is going to change if he’s president; we just don’t know what”….

Standing outside a Lowes DIY store in Steubenville, Edward Tucker acknowledges a personal distrust of Hillary Clinton too, although he denies any suggestion of sexism.

“I like Trump, and Sanders. I don’t like Hillary Clinton at all. I never did like her. It has nothing to do with her politics, I just never liked her. I don’t like her attitude,” he says.

“It’s not because she’s a woman; I think she’s arrogant. I don’t know, she might be just fine, but she comes across as arrogant.”

Right, it’s not because she’s a woman. Of course not. For men like these, that has nothing to do with it at all.