Ignoring the Next Six Months – Day Two

I set up my browser to stop me (ok, discourage me) from visiting a few sites that tend to upset my digestion (yes, Salon, I’m looking at you). But I haven’t entirely cut myself off from the current events pipeline.

So I saw the story about Trump’s plans to address the national debt. Here’s the headline from a news story in the New York Times:

“Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less”

And a representative passage:

But Mr. Trump’s statement might show the limits of translating his business acumen into the world of government finance. The United States simply cannot pursue a similar strategy….The government runs an annual deficit, so it must borrow to retire existing debt. Any measures that would reduce the value of the existing debt … would increase the cost of issuing new debt. Such a threat also could undermine the stability of global financial markets.

Simply because he will be the official nominee of the Republican Party, the Times treats him with respect. The “might” and “could” imply that Trump’s approach isn’t out of the question. Maybe he has a creative solution that never occurred to previous Presidents and Secretaries of the Treasury. After all, he doesn’t have mere business “experience”. He has business “acumen”! In the ordinary sense of the word, that means “keen insight” or “shrewdness”. Maybe we were wrong about this Trump guy.

But less encumbered by traditional journalistic standards, Vox, the online site that attempts to “explain the news”, came up with this headline for the same story:

“Donald Trump just threatened to cause an unprecedented global financial crisis”

And a representative passage:

With this statement, Trump not only revealed a dangerous ignorance about the operation of the national monetary system and the global economic order, but also offered a brilliant case study in the profound risks of attempting to apply the logic of a private business enterprise to the task of running the United States of America.

I offer this post as an example of how the “mainstream” journalists will lift Trump up during the next six months. It will be easy to find cases in which the same people tear Clinton down in an attempt to be “objective” and “non-partisan”.

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