Deadwood Is Dead

Well, we’re all done watching the third and final season of Deadwood (having become seriously addicted). It would have been great if there had been another season, but at least season 3 didn’t end with a big cliffhanger. In the video below, David Milch, Deadwood‘s creator, talks about the show’s sudden cancellation. He doesn’t disclose much in the way of future plans for the characters, however, except for mentioning what happened to a few of them in real life.

There were talks about doing a Deadwood movie or two, but it appears those plans have since fallen through. But maybe they can do a fourth season of Deadwood when they get around to doing a fourth season of Star Trek with Kirk, Spock and McCoy (with the original sets and costumes, of course). 

(Maybe that’s one of the activities available to pass the time in the afterlife. Watching seasons of your favorite shows or sequels to your favorite movies, none of which were made while you were alive.)

Al Swearingen sums it all up for us:

PS — The last voyage of the Enterprise: