More Good News For America

From the Los Angeles Times:

Driven by a last-minute flood of enrollments, particularly in California, sign-ups for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s online marketplaces hit 8 million in the law’s first year, President Obama announced Thursday.

That beats the forecast by 1 million people and caps a remarkable comeback from a disastrous rollout last fall that gave rise to predictions the law would collapse in its maiden year.

Instead, the health law, often called Obamacare, has helped bring about the largest increase in insurance coverage in the U.S. in half a century.

“This thing is working,” Obama said from the White House briefing room, taking a jab at Republican critics who continue to pledge to roll back the law. “The repeal debate is, and should be, over”….

Millions more Americans have signed up for health insurance without using the marketplaces, including through Medicaid, employers or directly from insurers. That has helped to dramatically drive down the nation’s uninsured rate, according to a growing number of national surveys.

Estimates of the total gain in insurance coverage nationally are still preliminary….But new Gallup survey data released this week suggest that as many as 12 million previously uninsured Americans have already gained coverage since last fall.

Republicans are still mouthing off about the numbers being inflated or misleading or whatever. To hell with them. And remember to vote in November.

4 thoughts on “More Good News For America

  1. I love this. When I taught essay writing abroad, one of my exercises was “devils advocate.” Two questions tha never failed to baffle, and I mean complete crickets in the classroom, my Turkish students: 1. You’re denying climate change! Go! (But teacher, it’s scientific fact. How can we deny it? Think like an American, gang! In groups now! I want three cogent arguments in ten minutes!) and 2. Why should a government NOT offer free or affordable healthcare to its citizens? (But that doesn’t even make sense! A government wants its citizens to be healthy so they will be more productive! Think like an American! 3 cogent arguments in ten minutes!)
    I have a half dozen extreme right wing followers on twitter, and I follow them back, and their response to Obamacare is forehead smacking, teeth gritting incomprehensible. One girl was complaining that she had to find a new doctor because hers was no longer covered under her current insurance, so she had to wait a few days and she had walking pneumonia. In 2005 I almost died of pneumonia, largely because I literally could not purchase an insurance plan because of a pre-existing condition of a CYST, and the free clinics were overworked and understaffed and it was three weeks before anyone thought to give me a chest x-ray. Then I had a $28,000 bill. How anyone can not support this… it baffles me. It truly does. And hells yes I’m voting! From abroad, where health care is better and cheaper, but my absentee ballot will be sent!

    • Great comment! It must be even harder to understand what’s going on in America from abroad, and it’s plenty hard here. But I bet your Turkish students would’ve done great on those devil’s advocate assignments if they got all their information from Fox News, talk radio and right-wing blogs. A lot of people in this country really do live in an information bubble that gives them a very skewed view of reality.

      In a way, it’s like we’re performing a giant social science experiment — seeing if it’s possible to have a functioning democracy when the rich get to buy politicians and much of the population absorbs a steady diet of right-wing propaganda (often paid for, of course, by people like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers). Throw in our history of racism (the Civil War never really ended), old-time religion and anti-intellectualism, and maybe our right-wingers and their fantasies aren’t so mysterious after all. But when you get right down to it, I don’t understand it either.

      • Hear ya. I grew up with The South Shall Rise Again shit, in a deeply racially divided city. What I don’t get, fundamentally, is that the lessons I learned all six days a week I went to church as a kid are so antithetical to the shite spewing from the religious right. Do none of these folks bother with the gospels and the sermon on the mount? No? It’s all John and Augustine and dark ages philosophy? Okey doke. I’m unbelievably frustrated by how my attempts to bridge the gap, understanding both sides fairly well, are rebuffed with nonsense. Very angry, slut/liberal shaming nonsense.

        • That is indeed another amazing aspect of this. I guess they think that when Jesus talked about the poor, he didn’t mean “those poor” — the kind we have now. Or they think private charity is ok, so long as it’s for the “deserving poor”. But God forbid the government help those other people! There’s even that “God wants you to be rich!” nonsense that some preachers promote. Clearly, people pick and choose the parts of the Bible that serve their purposes or make them feel good – with special attention to anything they can use to attack “sinners”. The human mind is a very flexible instrument.

          I’m very pessimistic about bridging the gap with people online. I couldn’t even bridge the gap with my father when he was alive (before the Internet was invented). The best we can probably do is move some people in the mushy middle, if we can get their attention. The other side seems way too fearful, angry and/or greedy to respond.

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