The Fendertones Take Us Back to 1965

The Fendertones are an informal group of white guys from the Philadelphia area who have so far blessed the world with 17 YouTube videos and a Facebook page. They occasionally get together to reproduce the complex sound Brian Wilson created for the Beach Boys. It’s one more win for the Internet.

They posted four videos yesterday, including “Sloop John B” (a big hit for the Beach Boys in 1965) and “Kiss Me Baby” (a relatively unknown but brilliant album track from the same year):

While we’re at it, two performances from a 2004 charity concert: 1965’s “California Girls” and its flip side, one of my favorites, “Let Him Run Wild”:

12 thoughts on “The Fendertones Take Us Back to 1965

  1. Thanks for the great music. I’m retired US Air Force, 73 years old and from San Diego. lived all over the world but my heart will always come back to southern Cal. and the fantastic music your group puts out. Thanks again for making me feel young again.

    • Also in my 70’s (71) and miss the sweet sound of my youth. But thanks to the Fendertones I’m hooked once again. Have seen Brian and his band numerous times but the Fendertones are the next best thing. Wish they’d tour. From the other coast, but we also love the BB and their fantastic music.

  2. I’m curious to know where these brilliant (and dedicated!) guys met… a music school? a club? I’m really impressed by the lengths to which (someone..) goes, to duplicate the layers of unique sounds on each track.. someone has to be the music director, the arranger, the resource person! whoever they are – they’ve done a brilliant job!

    • I agree. They’re very special. From their Facebook page:

      “From a nucleus of friends who have played together informally since high school, the group was formed in 2004 to put on six tribute concerts. After that, they regrouped in various incarnations, with guest musicians, for occasional YouTube video projects. For each project, the intent is to recreate the studio sound in live performances. That’s why there are so many musicians (to cover all of the layered tracks), and singers (two per part to emulate the double-tracked voices). This includes someone doubling the lead singer, who is off to the side in stage performances and therefore unseen in the videos.”

  3. There is some real dedication here and I appreciate the attention to the detail of the original music. The Beach Boys themselves never sounded this good live.
    Thanks Fendertones! Would Love to hear All Summer Long and Girl Dont tell me added to the list.

  4. Great group. If I close my eyes, I would think I’m listening to the Beach Boys.
    Thanks for forming the group and my very best to you

    • Love you guys and am ashamed to say that I kinda prefer your vids to the originals.

  5. I came across this group a few months ago. I now find myself listening almost every night to a song or two.

    Iโ€™ve been trying to find out they came up with the name โ€œFendertonesโ€. Iโ€™m guessing the Fender guitar has something to do with it.

    Anyway, your musical talent and craftsmanship is perfect!

  6. Glad to find your music in Feb of 2020 but wish Iโ€™d known about you years ago! Love it! Thanks for the music!

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  8. I am total blown away as they are so easy to listen to and the quality is something else. Very gifted.

  9. This group of super talented musicians and singers superbly recreate every intricate detail of Brian Wilson’s amazing charts with a dose of their own flair. The fact that it often takes 17 of them to cover all of the musical layers demonstrates Brian Wilson’s genius. These video covers are a joy to listen to. And thanks for covering a few of the lesser known but significant songs of the Beach Boy’s repertoire. Bravo guys! Wonderful.

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