Grasping at Flaws

Republicans are doing whatever they can to attack the Affordable Care Act by highlighting people who are supposedly victims of the new law. When reporters look into the details of these sad cases, it turns out that the supposed victims are either lying or ignorant. In one such case, the middle-aged woman described in one of the Republican responses to the State of the Union didn’t know she was eligible for cheaper insurance because she refused to visit one of those evil “Obamacare” websites. One right-wing character responded to this revelation by arguing that it’s mean and unfair to question the story of somebody with cancer.

As Paul Krugman explains (we should all get together and buy this guy a beer or a really nice meal), the ACA does help some people and hurt others. The law tends to help those who are sicker, older and poorer.  It tends to hurt people who are healthier, younger and richer (many of whom will one day be sicker, older and poorer). That’s why the right-wing is having such trouble finding real sympathetic subjects to use in their propaganda. Krugman suggests that when you hear a terribly sad anecdote or see a disturbing advertisement about a sick person who can’t afford treatment anymore or a poor family who can’t afford health insurance because of the ACA, keep in mind that it’s almost certainly right-wing nonsense.

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