Just Another Day in the Garden State

Ice Caves Photo GalleryNo, that’s not the Garden State, but it’s how New Jersey feels these days. Snow, ice, cold, snow, ice, cold, snow, ice, cold…. It’s actually a cave at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin. People there and elsewhere have it worse than we do – as humanity continues to screw with the world’s climate, causing extreme weather of various kinds, as predicted. 

4 thoughts on “Just Another Day in the Garden State

  1. I’m from Winnipeg, Canada. It’s always cold here, but this winter has been the coldest that I can remember. Multiple times we’ve hit -50C windchill and I’d say that the average temp (with wind) has been -35C. People here like to complain about the cold on a daily basis. I usually tell them that they need to get used to it because our winters (and everyone else’s) will be steadily getting colder every year thanks to climate change.

  2. I don’t remember weather ever being as consistently interesting (in a bad way) as it has been lately. You have my sympathy. Not to make light of the situation, but I wonder if the weather up in your area will eventually turn warmer as overall global temperatures continue to increase and the polar air mass shrinks. As I understand the situation, the boundaries of the arctic air are fluctuating now, which is why some southern areas are colder than usual at times. But I assume everything will get warmer as the years go by.

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