“The Man I Love”

No, this isn’t about the man I love.

George and Ira Gershwin wrote “The Man I Love” for Broadway in the 1920s, although it was originally “The Girl I Love” and was never actually performed on Broadway. It became a standard all on its own.

YouTube says it’s Rebecca Luker singing, but doesn’t mention what TV program it was. It probably had something to do with Viewers Like You.

Wherever it came from, it gave me chills.

2 thoughts on ““The Man I Love”

  1. From the data mass:

    “The Man I Love” had the odd distinction of becoming a recognized standard despite its having been (1)
    thrown out of the musical for which it had been written
    (“Lady, Be Good!” in 1924); (2) sung in a show that flopped on the road (the 1927 “Strike Up the
    Band”); (3) added to and then cut from a third musical
    (“Rosalie”); (4) rejected when “Strike Up the Band” was successfully revised in 1929. The reason for
    the last situation was ironic: the song had become too well

  2. I love you, man!

    I suppose they had a reason for cutting the song, but you’d think they could have found a way to keep it in. Yet another example of a questionable decision regarding the inclusion of a song in a show or on an album, Some of these decisions are still being complained about decades later by certain kinds of people, like yours truly (I posted this last year, back when my posts were less verbose: https://whereofonecanspeak.com/2012/07/24/independence-day/ ).

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