One Benefit of Having Children (Recommending Songza)

One of mine told me about a website called Songza. They let you listen to commercial-free music after an initial advertisement, but what’s especially interesting is that they have many, many categories, all the way from “Doing Housework” and “Today’s Pop Hits” to “Pastoral Symphonies”, “Blues Instrumentals”, “Sun Records Road Trip”, “Surf Music After the 60s” and “Robert Christgau’s Record Collection”.

It’s similar to how Netflix suggests stuff like “Dark Movies About Road Trips in South America” or “Comedies with Singing Animals”.

I browsed the “Record Store Clerk” category, found “New Music for Baby Boomers”, and then “Retro Indie Rock”. I’ve been listening for an hour or so and it’s been great. They’re playing music by groups I’ve never heard of (Department of Eagles, Leagues, Morning Benders) that will probably appeal to anybody who’s a Brian Wilson fan (like your humble blogger).

There may be a catch somewhere (you have trouble leaving your computer?), but I don’t know what it is.

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