The Cold Civil War and the South Rising Again

It’s tragic that we have to keep fighting the Civil War, even though it’s been a cold war for the last 150 years. Witness Reconstruction’s failure, white Southern insurgency, lynchings, Jim Crow laws, “separate but equal”, the Ku Klux Klan, chain gangs, filibusters, Lester Maddox, “right to work” laws, the Tea Party, voter suppression, and so on.

But that’s the situation we’ll be in until the biological and cultural descendants of those 19th century Southern traitors (also known as “rebels”) lose their ability to screw up America.

That blessed day will begin to dawn when there are enough African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans in Texas and Florida to make those state consistently blue. When that eventually happens, the rest of us should finally be protected from the South ever rising again.

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