Six Men with Something to Say about Israel and the Palestinians

If you’re interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you should consider watching The Gatekeepers. It’s an Israeli documentary from 2012 that features interviews with six men, each of whom has been in charge of Shin Bet, Israeli’s internal security service. Apparently, none of these men had ever been interviewed on camera before.

They talk about the history of Shin Bet, including the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, but more importantly they express their opinions regarding the conflict with the Palestinians. The impression I got was that they would all prefer fewer Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, in addition to more cooperation and negotiation with the Palestinian authorities.Β 

These are all men who spent years working for Shin Bet protecting their fellow Israelis from terrorist attacks. It’s highly significant that they support a less confrontational approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One of them says he’s in favor of talking to everyone, including Israel’s enemies. Another observes that Israel is winning battles but losing the war.