Is One of the Damn Things Enough?

Back in the 70s, we bought a piece of art that’s still hanging on a bedroom wall. It’s a print by the photorealist painter Ralph Goings. I don’t think it’s one of his most popular works, but an image did make it onto the internet:


Which I was reminded of by seeing some paintings by Gregory Thielker. For example:


There is something wonderful about paintings that look photographic. In addition to their purely visual qualities, they are like magic tricks, successful illusions performed by a brilliant magician. 

Virginia Woolf is supposed to have said: “Art is not a copy of the real world; one of the damn things is enough.”

That’s an excellent point, but in this case, the “copies” are pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Is One of the Damn Things Enough?

  1. Oh, Larry, the philosophy is oozing from your pores in buckets. Hold the thought and I’ll instruct you in the error of your ways. Later.

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