Maybe Lesley Gore Knows

If having a catchy melody were enough to hit number 1 on the charts, this song would have hit number 1 and then some (0, -1? Why does rising on the charts mean getting a lower number?).

Written by the highly talented Brill Building all-stars Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich (“Da Doo Ron Ron”, “Be My Baby”) and sung by the equally talented Lesley Gore (“It’s My Party”, “You Don’t Own Me”), this remarkably catchy single from 1964 only rose to #14 in the US and #20 in the UK. Competing with the Beatles and their countrymen, plus Motown, the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons and Phil Spector, was hard work.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Tenafly, New Jersey, it’s Lesley Gore, proto-feminist icon, giving her all on “Maybe I Know”:

Note: the powers that be removed a video from YouTube that had better sound. That better sound is available below, although the video and sound are out of synch:

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