The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Apparently there has been a nuclear war, resulting in nuclear winter. What remains of the world is grey and desolate, with ash falling from the sky. The people who are still alive in this part of America are divided between those who eat people and those who fear being eaten. A man and his young son journey on foot toward the ocean, scavenging for old canned goods along the way, trying to stay warm and avoiding strangers.Β The father is incredibly resourceful. The boy is resilient. I’ve avoided seeing the movie because it sounds too intense. It probably is. It’s clear that they’ve had these conversations before.

It’s hard to find such a sad and depressing book enjoyable, but it is certainly worth reading. The most enjoyable parts of the book are the conversations between father and son. They discuss their options. The man tries to reassure the boy.

I kept wondering how the book would end. The ending could have been a lot worse. (3/24/11)