What We’re Up Against Regarding Guns

The governor of Arizona has signed a law that requires guns acquired in gun buy-back programs to be sold. If a police department in Arizona buys your gun in order to reduce the likelihood that it will be used to commit a crime (such as shooting a police officer), they can’t destroy it. They have to sell it to a gun dealer, who can then resell it and return it to its rightful place in the community.

Police had argued that they were allowed to destroy guns acquired in such programs, even though an earlier Arizona law required that they sell any guns seized during crimes. The NRA and gun fanatics argued that destroying valuable weaponry is wasteful.


2 thoughts on “What We’re Up Against Regarding Guns

  1. “The NRA and gun fanatics argued that destroying valuable weaponry is wasteful.”

    It is wasteful, but they shouldn’t be sold. They should be _given_ to law abiding citizens who can’t afford to buy one (after having been checked by a competent gunsmith for correct functioning and safety).


    • Here’s something that’s even more wasteful: almost 32,000 Americans died by gunfire in 2010, including more than 19,000 suicides. Then add the number of people who were injured but survived. It’s much more likely that a gun will be used to kill or injure yourself or a family member than an intruder.

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