Elections Matter

Kurt Eichenwald has written a rather long piece regarding the upcoming election. He says that he has voted for Republicans as often as Democrats in the past, but he forcefully argues that the Republicans must be defeated in 2012:

“In the last four years, the GOP has transmogrified into something ugly and vicious and, more important, something wedded to the politics of fantasy and ignorance. It has rushed so far from its moorings that I cannot conceive of voting for members of this party until, hopefully, they pull themselves back from the precipice of self-destruction, paranoia and delusion.”

Eichenwald cites five reasons why the Republicans deserve to suffer a crippling defeat, although the reasons boil down to four: they are liars; they are demagogues; they are economic arsonists; and they are threatening American democracy (e.g. through attempts at vote suppression).

The country might eventually recover from a Republican victory in November, but it’s more likely that President Romney and Vice President Ryan would do lasting damage.


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